Phaeton EP

Patrol The Skies is excited to present three fresh cuts of Cinematic, Sci-Fi tinged Neurofunk from Noya! His new EP Phaeton delivers on all fronts, whether you are into trance-inducing arpeggiated synth melodies and smooth spacewalk soundscapes or face-melting, bone-crushing salvos of mechanoid bass! Embark on a majestic journey to the Final Frontier on opening track “Phaeton” and prepare to be sucked into a crushing vortex of neuro-bass, which only intensifies on 2nd track “Black Hand”, which takes a few seconds to let you recuperate with the funk of chopped-up Amen breaks before hammering you with a metric ton of 30 Hz power! Noya also takes the time to show us his mellower side on closer “That Time”, an ethereal liquid funk number with enveloping pads and soothing soul vocals! Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –